After speaking with several agents in the area and not particularly "clicking" with any of them, I was referred to Elena through a professional recommendation. Elena helped guide me through the formidable process that is owning a home in this market as a first-time buyer.
From the first day until even well after I had bought my home Elena consistently provided excellent service. Her approach is professional, friendly and always client-oriented.
I made my initial decision to work with Elena based on how demonstrably bright she was in our phone conversations. She brings an exceptionally vast encyclopedia of Bay Area real estate knowledge to her clients; providing history, current status and an insightful opinion of the future on every neighborhood I inquired about (and believe me, I asked about a lot). She's also a licensed appraiser in addition to being an agent. I found Elena's experience to be a real asset in being able to confidently make such a big purchasing decision.
I strongly recommend contacting Elena if you're considering purchasing a home in the East Bay -- my experience with her was fantastic!
A very big thank you to everyone for helping us get into our first home! We really could not have done it without you. It will be a wonderful home for Jada to grow up in. I want to give recognition to all those who assisted us in this mighty endeavor.
Thank you to Jeanne-Marie, Anne-Marie, Liza and Mindy for your help with all the documents and filings. Thanks to Rose for her help and apologies for my crankiness.
Thank you to Rick for being a wealth of information and willing to share that information. I am so glad we got the energy efficiency improvements scheduled. I am sure we'll get it all finished and it will make such a huge difference in the comfort of our home. I bet we'll run into each other again in the sustainable design community.
Geri thanks for meeting me and baby Jada at the house and your patience while I attended to her. Tell your husband thanks as well for his help in the little fixes around the home.
A humongous thanks to Gil -- for entertaining all my questions day and night, for running calcs and figures to give me peace of mind and for of course getting all the documents together and getting our mortgage/EEM for us. Your superb communication skills, patience, knowledge and focus on details are a true talent.
And Elena, a colossal thanks to you for being a kind, smart, patient and helpful realtor and friend. You helped us figure out what would work for us and wouldn't work and helped us achieve our goal quickly.You were very understanding when it came to me attending to Jada and always looked out for our well being and safety. Although I don't want to buy a home again anytime soon, I hope we will still keep in touch. Thanks to your husband as well since he helped with paperwork.Thanks again! Susanna, David and Jada Mendiola